France: LFP closes Bastia stadium indefinitely after... nothing happened

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France: LFP closes Bastia stadium indefinitely after... nothing happened Wednesday's game against Marseille was played behind closed doors as supporters were banned from the game. They still provided quite a show for their club outside the ground and for this reason LFP decided to close Stade Armand-Cesari until further notice.


Bastia supporters are infamous for their fanaticism and sometimes aggressive behaviour. This is what earned them the empty-stadium fixture against Olympique this week after October's violence in derby clash against Ajaccio.

But neither the club, nor the fans wanted their team unsupported on Wednesday, so Bastia hired a giant screen just outside the ground and several thousand people came to voice their support. To be heard inside Stade Armand-Cesari they were singing their hearts out. To be seen, they prepared massive pyrotechnic displays with both flares and fireworks exploding well above the stadium.

This event, though caused no threat and took place outside the stadium itself, was on Friday found by the LFP disciplinary commission as another disrupting incident, causing a decision for Stade Armand-Cesari to be closed until further notice.

Currently FLP is also examining two other games during which incidents took place, with linesman hit by a missile against Lille being one of them.

Club legend Jo Bonavita, who spent over 30 years working for Bastia (now aged 73) could not bare with what he believes to be a 'double standard' by LFP. After the Friday decision was made, he went on hunger strike, protesting against unfair treatment.