Belfast: Planning application submitted as planned

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Belfast: Planning application submitted as planned After weeks of consultations, Irish Football Association filed their planning application for Windsor Park redevelopment. If things continue to go along plans, construction should start in September.


It's been 12 weeks during which everyone could give their feedback on the proposed overhaul of Windsor Park. Both fans and statutory institutions approved the scheme and so IFA were able to file their planning application within the expected time frame, in early December.

Should things continue to go that good and the project will be granted permission, reconstruction is expected to start in September 2013. The £29.2 million project will see three stands torn down and rebuilt with extensive office and commercial infrastructure. Capacity is expected to go up by almost 50%, close to the 19,000 mark.

"We had made it a key target to have our planning application submitted by this date and I am delighted that we have achieved this," said Patrick Nelson, the IFA chief.

"The design for our redeveloped National Stadium truly is impressive, and I would like to thank everyone who took the time to give their thoughts and ideas to us during the community consultation process.