Sweden: Fans started demolition of Råsunda

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Sweden: Fans started demolition of Råsunda This was the last of a whole series of farewells that fans and authorities bade to their beloved stadium. On Sunday some 5,000 people came to collect souvenir, symbolically starting the demolition process.


It took quite some time to say goodbye to Råsunda, the cult venue where Sweden managed reach World Cup final. The process started in August, when Swedish national side met with Brazil to replay the famous final from 1958 in a friendly encounter.

Another occasion to pay respects came in early November as supporters of AIK dedicated their matchday tifo to Råsunda in their last league encounter on this ground. Finally, very last game was played on Nov 22, against Italian Napoli.

And on Sunday (25th) supporters came inside for the last time. This time not through turnstiles, but through main gates as they were allowed to get onto the pitch and take whatever they wished as souvenirs. People brought their own equipment, starting from screwdrivers and hammers, ending at pneumatic drills and saws.

Seats, pieces of the turf, railings, even urinals were all taken by some 5,000 people who gathered on that last day. They didn’t only take – some were bringing candles or flowers which created a shrine in the centre of the pitch.

This ceremony was symbolically the beginning of demolition works, but real demolition is said to begin in January 2013. The ground will be converted into a housing estate.