Sweden: Fans bid farewell to Råsunda

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Sweden: Fans bid farewell to Råsunda That would be it – last derby in September and yesterday the last league game at the historical stadium that is now awaiting demolition. Supporters dedicated their last performances to their spiritual home before they switch to Friends Arena.


Last derby

Those days had to come. In mid-September Swedish fans experiences the very last derby at the 75-year-old national stadium Råsunda between AIK Solna and Djurgarden IF, an unquestionable classic of Scandinavian football. Fans of both sides, as usual gathered on opposite end stands, prepared quite a performance for that day. Those of ‘visiting’ DIF even wrote on the fence that this is their last gag at the old venue.

But hosts weren’t giving way to the opposition with several choreographies planned – opening tifo without pyrotechnics, but with various other elements instead. Then the second half presentations of both fanbases with massive amounts of pyro that led to the game being halted for a moment. And then the outcome that made one side very happy – AIK won 3:0 to end a beautiful period of derby clashes at the old stadium, in front of over 30,000 people.

Last game

Yesterday the crowd was also huge, though with 28,057 it wasn’t a sell-out, obviously. It wasn’t a derby as well, though the AIK - Malmö FF fixture is also a league classic, worthy of a farewell game. Opening tifo of the home side had a giant sign with the stadium’s name in central part with club colours and some flares in the background.

That of course couldn’t have been the end as AIK’s “Black Army” wouldn’t leave the stadium without a proper ‘bang’. That came in the 2nd half and can be seen below. The very last pyroshow at an Allsvenskan game in the 75-year-old heart of Swedish football.

Just as a reminder let us mention that the new Friends Arena has already been inaugurated on October 27, but to date no football pitch has been laid. It is expected to be ready for its first game in mid-November or to put it more simply: next week.