New: Netanya Stadium

source:; author: michał

New: Netanya Stadium Israel’s newest stadium is celebrating its first week in operation today. Designed by the country’s top sports architects it may indeed be the most beautiful in Israel at least until further openings, expected in 2013…


Construction process in Netanya took quite some time. Decision to locate it in the southern outskirts (by highway no. 2) was made back in 2003 with groundbreaking in 2005. Since then the project suffered from delays, with last one being postponement of delivery from August to October 2012. Finally it happened with first game being played on November 4.

Worth some $60 million (to secure funding, authorities needed to sell the old Sar-Tov Stadium), two stands are just first phase of the future venue, expected to hold 24,000 people. So far 13,800 can find a seat on one of two tiers on both sides of the pitch (with 36 skyboxes incorporated between the tiers).

Design done by GAB Architects, Israel’s leading practice for sports venues, can be seen as the most impressive in the country so far. Roof over each stand is supported by a slander arch and both arches are illuminated at night, being visible even from a major distance (check clip below).

So far no solid plans for the construction of two missing stands are in place, but more importantly – football is already played here, after Maccabi fans have been waiting a long time. And next year first international fixtures will be held with Euro 2013 (U21) being hosted by Israel.