London: Tottenham moving to Wembley or Olympic Stadium?

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London: Tottenham moving to Wembley or Olympic Stadium? This kind of move is being discussed with both the FA and LLDC. North London team might be forced to find a replacement if they decide to speed up their new stadium project, Daily Mail informs.


Just as a reminder, Tottenham are planning their new stadium partly at White Hart Lane. Initial scheme divides works into four phases that enable the team to play home games at the same spot throughout the process. First at WHL, then at their new stands, while WHL is demolished to make way for the rest of the new stadium – as seen below.

Tottenham new stadium plan

However Daily Mail suggests that the club are now in talks with the FA over potential use of Wembley and at the same time with LLDC about Olympic Stadium tenancy. Both these venues are regarded as potential replacement if the club decide to speed up their project and lose the ability to remain home for the construction period.

Any talks at this point are only exploratory, as the newspaper stresses, and have not led to any decisions.