Scotland: Aberdeen trying to relocate their new stadium project

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Scotland: Aberdeen trying to relocate their new stadium project Despite statements that the design had been ‘killed off’, there still seems to be a chance for Aberdeen FC’s new stadium. Not at Loirston Loch, but a number of other locations will be examined, according to AFC official website.


As Aberdeen City Council rejected Calder Park application (integral to the new Aberdeen stadium plan), the whole project was announced by club authorities as effectively ‘killed off’. However, now it seems not all hope is lost.

AFC confirmed the club is now in the process of identifying various other options and has recently held initial discussions with a number of interested parties in this regard. 

Commenting on progress made to date, AFC Vice Chairman George Yule said. "Although I can confirm that the Club has received several expressions of interest for potential / alternative stadium sites, we are still at a very early stage of carrying out a full review of these options. There is a considerable amount of preliminary diligence to be undertaken before we decide on the best-suited outcome for AFC. We will take whatever time is required to complete this review in the very best interests of AFC and its supporters.

"When any meaningful progress has been made we'll communicate information between the Club, its supporters and other stakeholders as appropriate but in the meantime the main focus is on our immediate priorities i.e. 1st team results, youth policy and efficiently running the day to day business of a football club in a challenging environment whereby SPL central funds are under pressure and falling central income".