Aberdeen: Scotland’s largest new stadium ‘killed off’?

source: STV.tv; author: michał

Aberdeen: Scotland’s largest new stadium ‘killed off’? Club representatives are furious after city council voted against Calder Park training centre, integral part of new Loirston Loch stadium. Chairman Stewart Milne claims this decision effectively ‘killed off’ the whole development, STV reports.


Members of Aberdeen City Council voted 24-19 against plans to develop Calder Park, which the north east team and Highland League side Cove Rangers had hoped to share for training facilities.

Mr Milne said the decision has "effectively killed off" Aberdeen’s new £38m stadium at Loirston Loch from going ahead.

He said: "Disappointment and frustration do not come close to how my colleagues and I are feeling right now. As was made crystal clear, the Calder Park development has been designed as part of the master planning exercise to be completely integral with the new AFC stadium at Loirston and this decision has effectively also killed off that development.

"What makes the turn of events even more galling is that the potential alternative use of Calder Park proposed by the current administration has already been confirmed as a non-starter by both the Scottish Football Association and sportscotland and any sensible minded person must surely question what exactly the motivation behind this decision is. We also note that the Tories and Independents voted with Labour which confirms our earlier concerns about cross party whip being invoked.

"Without wishing to scaremonger in any way, the implications of this completely illogical verdict could have major implications for both AFC and indeed Cove Rangers and right now, the board require some time to discuss both the consequences of the judgement and what our next move is likely to be."