Romania: Second biggest stadium planned in Galaţi

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Romania: Second biggest stadium planned in Galaţi Only the national one in Bucharest will be bigger if plans revealed by mayor of Galaţi come to fruition. Completely new 40,000-seats stadium is to be built by the bank of Danube, according to


Oţelul Galaţi won their first domestic championship in 2011 and manage to advance to Champions League. But their group stage fixtures had to be played in Bucharest, almost 200km away, due to lack of proper infrastructure locally. This won’t be a problem in a few years, if plans for this eastern city get done.

Mayor Marius Stan assures that only the national stadium will be bigger than their new stadium, just as the Bucharest agglomeration is to be the only bigger agglomeration. But first, cooperation from neighbouring Brăila (10km south along Danube river) is required.   

This will be a stadium for Galaţi and Brăila. Both cities should find the wisdom to shake hands and create the largest agglomeration after Bucharest. Together we survive, alone we lose. This stadium will be used by Oţelul, Dunărea and CF Brăila, Stan declares.

Venue for all three tenants could hold even 40,000 people with all seats under cover. Early cost estimations show an €80 million figure, of which only €16m would be municipal funding. New ground would most probably stand between the two towns, on the riverside of Danube.

It isn’t clear yet, where would the remaining €64 million come from with mayor Stan mentioning simply external partners. There is also no timeline for the structure yet.