Brazil: Remains of Råsunda to be used in Recife

source:; author: michał

Brazil: Remains of Råsunda to be used in Recife Two days after farewell to Sweden’s national stadium we already know the future location of its parts. That symbolic venue will start a second life at Recife’s Arena Pernambuco. How? explains.


As we wrote two days ago, Sweden and Brazil decided to replay their 1958 match to bid farewell to Råsunda, Sweden’s national stadium and host of that 1958 World Cup final. It was the first trophy for Brazil and only final appearance for Sweden, so importance for both nations seems obvious.

As part of this farewell Swedish FA decided to donate parts of Råsunda as artifacts. Now we also know the location. They will become part of a football exposition at Arena Pernambuco in Recife.

Why not Rio or Sao Paulo? It was the Swedes who decided where to send parts of their beloved venue. And the key was Vava, player who scored 2 goals for Brazil in that memorable game. Since he was from Recife, the choice seemed a simple one…