New stadiums: Rovers and Rovers

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New stadiums: Rovers and Rovers Two clubs very important for Irish football and two stadia hardly less relevant. Both redeveloped in recent years (in fact, bigger one only opened 3 years ago), which makes them stand out in terms of standard.


Tallaght Stadium

Tallaght StadiumThis town in southern suburbs of Dublin had to wait for over two decades until a stadium much needed by local football side Shamrock Rovers was built. The club was attempting to start the project several times, but had no chance of doing it alone. Finally in Oct. 2000 works started, but were halted after a year with only the pitch ready. Since then a long 7-year procedural battle over function and financing took place, leading to a happy and much awaited end in early 2009, when first stand was opened. Another one came after 5 months, in August the same year.

This municipal stadium is among Ireland's best despite having only two stands and capacity of just below 6,000. The latter number was subject to change over the years with temporary sections being opened for friendly against Real Madrid (almost 11,000 capacity then) or for Europa League fixtures (8,500 as is in competition regulations).

The Showgrounds

ShowgroundsStadium in Sligo erected in 1928, from the very beginning home to Sligo Rovers. Name derives from agricultural exhibitions held here since before the ground actually became a football venue. Until 1968 it had been leased by the club, but then thanks to financial support of the community it became Rovers' property. Along with contract details it cannot be subject to mortgage, sold or used for purposes other than sport and leisure.

Since 2001 it's been renovated several times. First came the new covered stand with cantilever roof (2001), then new turnstiles and club shop followed in 2006 and 2009. In May 2009 further enhancements took place with the club participating in Europa League – two seated stands were renovated and a new parking came along. In July 2012 new end stand was opened with 1,300 seats, called for sponsorship reason the Volkswagen Bank End. Thus the capacity is now exactly 4,000 seats.