France: Toulouse cuts costs ahead of Euro 2016

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France: Toulouse cuts costs ahead of Euro 2016 No capacity increase for Stadium de Toulouse – maybe even a small decrease. No concert configuration. All this to save some 45% as the city runs out of resources.


As you can still see in our presentation of the Cardete Huet concept, Stadium de Toulouse was to receive a second tier of seating under existing roof for Euro 2016, that would increase number of seats to some 40,000. However expansion is no longer part of the plan.

Due to cost cutting efforts also the ability to host a concert stage behind one goal has also been dropped. What’s left of the previous plan is pitch relaying, new square in front of the venue and a new ticket pavilion that you can see below. Also seats with restricted views are to be changed, but it’s not clear how – suggests capacity may decrease slightly.

Stadium de Toulouse

Efforts led to costs falling from expected €67m to €37m. Toulouse needs this money in order not to halt other large projects like new tram line.

But what about UEFA requirements? According to Cardete Huet spokesman the ground will still meet all the necessary regulations, even though won’t be as impressive as initially planned.