New stadium: Gamla Ullevi

source:; author: michał

New stadium: Gamla Ullevi Though Gamla means „old”, this one definitely isn’t. Still, it inherited the name of its more famous predecessor. To celebrate Sweden winning against France tonight we invite you to Goteborg!


Municipality of Goteborg ordered for new stadium to be built already in 2005. After design preparations old stands started being dismantled in early 2007 and construction of new ones was done in just two years. Openings took place in April with all three major tenants and the national female team having their games one after another.

Cost was initially estimated at 180m Krona, but eventually ended around the 350m number. Part of this was due to excessive vibrations caused to nearby housing by jumping fans of IFK Göteborg. Interestingly, neither GAIS, nor Örgryte supporters cause similar problems. Some 20m were spent to eliminate the vibrations, but with no success.

Already after opening the ground played host to U21 Euro 2009, followed by constant use by the three sides from Allsvenskan.