Euro 2012: Police working on Wroclaw beatings

source:; author: michał

Euro 2012: Police working on Wroclaw beatings Disturbing scenes shown in a YouTube clip present Russian thugs attacking stewards with no-one but other fans trying to calm the situation down. Four stewards were taken to hospital after this incident.


Polish Ministry of Interior informed in a press release earlier today that no important incidents happened during Euro 2012’s first day. There is room for interpretation whether four stewards getting beaten inside a stadium by hooligans is a minor problem.

Many people, including journalists, disagree with Ministry's point of view after having seen a shocking clip uploaded on YouTube last night. It shows several thugs from Russia attacking stewards inside Wroclaw's stadium with only other spectators trying to come between them and calm the situation down, while other stewards flee. No further reaction of security service is depicted.

In total four stewards were beaten by the aggressors with no reasons established yet. Interior Ministry press officer Małgorzata Woźniak approached by assures police have already secured surveillance videos and is working on the case. No outcome is known so far.