China: Spanish super cup to be played in Beijing from now on?

source:; author: michał

China: Spanish super cup to be played in Beijing from now on? Chinese promoters have an unusual idea for Olympic Stadium's legacy. They plan to host Spanish super cup at the venue from 2013 on. Spanish football federation already signed a preliminary deal estimated to give them some €40m – EPA reveals.


Chinese National Stadium has been widely criticized for lack of proper business plan and becoming an infamous white elephant after 2008 Olympics. Though it already hosted several prestigious games of European clubs (to name just Italian Super Cup), those were isolated incidents rather than a solid plan to bring it to life.

This is to change with United Vansen International Sport having signed a preliminary contract with RFEF, the Spanish football association. Starting from 2013 seven super cup games between Spanish sides are to be played at the Beijing National Stadium. Value of the deal is yet to be revealed, but domestic media estimate it could be worth some €40m to the RFEF.

Case isn't closed until clubs agree on such a scenario, though it is understood top clubs of the Primera División may be interested in further expansion of their fanbases in China.