Brazil: Maracana half way there – needs to speed up

source: Secopa

Brazil: Maracana half way there – needs to speed up Measured on May 31st, the progress of works in Rio de Janeiro is estimated at 54%. Things need to go faster if the ground is to be ready by the end of March 2013.


Most famous of Brazilian stadiums is starting to show its future look – lowest rows of seating are in place around the pitch, but still a lot of work needs to be done. 54% of the required work is done so far, estimations from the end of May show.

So in the next 9 months contractors need to do slightly less than they managed to in over 2 years. That sounds like a challenge, so no wonder 5,500 workers are on site 16 hours a day, 6 days a week.

Next biggest challenge is the “big lift” - lifting of the cable roof structure that will later support membrane covering. Works on compiling the steel cables together should start in August and should be done in October.

Overall construction is to end in March 2013 in order for the ground to host Confederations Cup one year before 2014 World Cup.