Brazil: Largest stadiums in national colours

source:; author: michał

Brazil: Largest stadiums in national colours Two of the most important stadiums in Brazil will have seats in national colours – it was announced. However configuration at Maracana will be completely different from the one at Estádio Nacional.


No decision was made yet as to what kind of seating should be installed, but we already know that both new Maracana and the Estadio Nacional in Brasilia will have all seats in national colours of Brazil.

Below you can see the mockup presented recently of new Maracana's proposed bowl. As the ground will be transformed into a huge single-tiered stadium, rows from the very bottom to the top are to create a giant mosaic consisting of three colours (from the top): white, blue and yellow. No green part is planned, but the transition between yellow and blue will create an illusion of green being included.

Estadio Maracana

Completely different plan awaits implementation in Brasilia as the 3 tiers are to have one colour each. Yellow atop, blue in the middle, business rings and green in the lowest tier. Rendering may be seen below.

Estadio Nacional