Turkey: Construction to start soon in Konya

source: Gintas.com.br; author: michał

Turkey: Construction to start soon in Konya Municipality of Konya signed contract with Gintaş Construction. Groundbreaking ceremony is planned for early June and after 660 days a new 42,000-seater should be ready – the contractor informs.


Gintaş Construction Contractors is the company to erect new stadium in Konya. Company well known for its work in Turkey and the Balkans is also building a new stadium for Bursa, the Timsah Arena.

The Konya contract was signed last Thursday and preparations to start construction are ongoing. Groundbreaking ceremony should take place in early June. From that time builders have exactly 660 days to accomplish their goal, meaning the structure should be complete in Spring 2014.

The Şehir Stadi, designed by Ofiss Mimarca back in 2009 will resemble a flat football and have 42,000 seats on two tiers divided with one level of skyboxes.

Total cost is yet to be revealed, but will be primarily financed by the municipality.