Buxoro Arena

Capacity25 520
Country Uzbekistan
ClubsFK Buxoro
Other names Buxoro Sport Majmuasi (2002-2012)
Inauguration 2002
Renovations 2011-12


Buxoro Arena – stadium description

Or this is how it was renamed in 2012, after just a decade of operation. This rather international name is a shift from traditional Uzbekistani Buxoro Sport Majmuasi. From the start this track and field offered all spectators individual seats, in total over 25,000.

Though it still looks like it did in 2002, first major lifting came in 2011, ahead of 2012 FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup. Ironically, the tournament was eventually taken from Uzbekistan and given to Japan after trouble with other venues marred the Uzbekistani preparations.



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