Amaan Stadium

Capacity15 000
Country Tanzania
CityZanzibar City
Inauguration 1970
Renovations 2010, 2023
Contractor Integral Spor (2023)


Amaan Stadium – stadium description

When was Amaan Stadium opened?

Amaan Stadium opened in 1970 and the facility was built with Chinese assistance. It was the first of many projects carried out in Africa with Chinese involvement, under what is known as 'stadium diplomacy'. It is the largest stadium in Zanzibar.

What events take place at Amaan Stadium?

As Zanzibar's premier sporting venue, the stadium has hosted many major events for local sport. The facility is used by local football teams as well as the non-CAF and non-FIFA affiliated Zanzibar national team.

The stadium has hosted various rallies and other political events. In 1977, a ceremony was held there to launch the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (Party of the Revolution), later a dominant force in Tanzanian politics. In 1990, Nelson Mandela spoke at the stadium. Zanzibar's autonomy presidents have also been sworn in at the stadium. The annual Revolution Day celebrations (January 12) are also held here.

When did the first renovation of Amaan Stadium take place?

An $11 million renovation of the stadium, again carried out with Chinese support, was completed in 2010. Among other things, the facility received a new roof on the main stand, a new running track and a score board.

What did Amaan Stadium look like in the past?

In the old layout, the venue had a running track, surrounded by four stands, the ones on the curves being much lower. The main (west) stand, after the 2010 upgrade, was covered by a wide, corrugated canopy. Behind the south curve was a score board, and the north stand had a gate with a distinctive arch-shaped roof. Eight masts, standing by the stands along the pitch, were responsible for the lighting.

When did the biggest upgrade of Amaan Stadium take place?

In 2023, the biggest upgrade in the history of the stadium took place at the initiative of the local authorities. The work was carried out in six months by the Turkish company Integral Spor. The re-inauguration took place on December 27, 2023, with a speech by Zanzibar President Hussein Ali Mwinyi, musical performances and a football match (Zanzibar Heroes – Kilimanjaro Stars 0–0) during the ceremony.

One of the aims of the upgrade was to extend the stands on the curves. These retained their previous angular shape, but were significantly enlarged, equalling the height of those along the pitch. The remaining stands underwent renovation, and plastic seats were installed throughout the auditorium. The facility also received a new athletics track, new floodlighting masts, as well as a completely new roof covering the entire auditorium.

Two new sports halls and two auxiliary football pitches with small stands were built around the stadium.

Does Amaan Stadium have the potential to host major football events?

With the upgrades, the stadium will be one of the football venues for the 2024 African Nations Championship to be held in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The venue is also mentioned as a potential stadium for the 2027 Africa Cup of Nations to be staged in the same countries.

What does Amaan Stadium look like?

Amaan Stadium has an athletics track, which is surrounded by single-level stands with a capacity of 15 000 spectators. Plastic seats have been installed in the auditorium, arranged in three horizontal stripes – the lowest in green, the middle in red and the top (blue).

The stands are divided into four separate segments, two along the pitch and two behind the curves of the running track. In the gaps between them, in the corners, four video screens have been placed. The stands are connected by a common roof with a white membrane covering. Outside the perimeter of the stands, behind the corners, there are four floodlight masts.

Surrounding the stadium are car parks, two auxiliary football pitches (each with a small covered stand for 500 people) and two sports halls (the smaller of which is dedicated to judo).



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