Al-Saada Stadium (Al-Saada Sports Complex)

Capacity8 000
Country Oman
ClubsDhofar SCSC, Al-Nasr SCSC
Inauguration 23.02.2009
Construction 2006-2009
Renovations 2010, 2011

Description: Al-Saada Stadium

It was built in the northern outskirts of Salalah, in Al-Saada district. This gives an idea on the name origin, but why this location? It's supposed to be the new heart of the city's sport and education with numerous other facilities completed, under construction or planned.

When erected in 2006-2009, it was estimated to hold some 12,000 people, but with many of them standing. Already in 2010 first renovation was done with all sections receiving seats, thus decreasing the size to 8,000 people. However, after numerous talks it was decided to expand it already to even 20,000 and make it Salalah's biggest football stadium, used by both top clubs.



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