Sportpark De Westmaat (Rode)

Capacity2 550
1,050 (Seats)
Country Netherlands
ClubsVV IJsselmeervogels
Renovations 2007
Address Westdijk 14, 3752 AE Bunschoten-Spakenburg, Netherlands


Sportpark De Westmaat (Rode) – stadium description

Ever seen two similar stadiums literally next to one another? Such a unique situation happened in northern Spakenburg, where the two are just 34m (110 feet) apart. Western one is nicknamed “Rode” (red) and is operated by Ijsselmeervogels. The eastern one, blue (“Blauwe”), has SV Spakenburg as key tenants.

The red stadium has two grandstands along both sides. Northern one is a modest terrace, while the southern side was entirely rebuilt in 2007 and can now hold over 1,000 seated spectators. Overall capacity is 2,550 though the host club argue up to 8,000 people could fit inside if standing room around the field is included.



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