Estádio da Machava

Capacity40 000
Country Mozambique
ClubsClube Ferroviário do Maputo
Other names Estádio Salazar (1968-1975)
Inauguration 30.06.1968
Address Rua do Jardim, Machava, Matola

Description: Estádio da Machava

Historically the national stadium of Mozambique, this one was built by Portuguese authorities back in 1968. Initially it bared the name of Antonio Salazar, prime minister of Portugal. He died just 3 years after opening of this ground took place. When Mozambique overthrown Portuguese supremacy, name changed and currently it’s mostly referred to as Estádio da Machava, from the district’s name.

Since 2011 it’s not the main stadium of Maputo, nor is it the largest in Mozambique any more. It is still in use though as the Ferroviario club owns and operates it.



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