Stade du 26 Mars

Capacity55 000
Country Mali
Inauguration 2001
Cost €25 million
Address RN6, Sokorodj, Bamako


Stade du 26 Mars – stadium description

One of two stadia built in Bamako in 2001, part of large preparation works ahead of Cup of Nations 2002, hosted by Mali for the first time. Instantly named in honor of the 1991 coup d’état it’s Mali’s largest sport venue. It’s located on a 7-hectare plot, some 10 km south-east from the entre of Bamako.

Cost was very low, estimated at some €25 million. Large savings were possible partly thanks to its simple structure, partly sunken and with bare concrete above. But most of the savings was possible thanks to contribution of Chinese authorities who delivered the design and most construction works, not mentioning covering part of the cost.

Massive stands with double tiers along the pitch can hold up to 55,000 with capacity-crowds. Only several thousand people have individual seats, at the main stand.

The stadium was the place of both opening and final games during 2002 Cup of Nations.



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