Stadion Gradski Kičevo

Capacity5 000
Country North Macedonia
ClubsFK Napredok Kičevo
Renovations 2008
Address Marsal Tito bb, 6250 Kičevo


Stadion Gradski Kičevo – stadium description

The stadium is located in eastern Kiczevo, just along the administrative boundary of the city. The last thing further east is one of the Bistra mountains, for which spectators have a wonderful view from the main western grandstand.

With 8 rows of seating it’s one of only two stands at the stadium. Nominally they hold some 5,000 fans but that’s a historical estimate rather than actual number. The figures aren’t being tested though as local team Napredok rarely draws people in high hundreds, let alone thousands.

In 2008 the venue underwent a significant change as the southern curve (with room for expansion) was partly occupied by a training field, one of two beside the stadium currently.



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