Laos National Stadium

Capacity25 000
Country Laos
Inauguration 2009
Address Avenue Kaysone Phomvihane, KM16, Anou, Vientiane


Description: Laos National Stadium

Constructed in 2009, this stadium was part of so called „Stadium diplomacy” ran by China. Commonly, Chinese authorities offer new spectacular stadia to developing countries in exchange for economic cooperation and lack of thereof with Taiwan. In Laos' case the new national sport complex was built for vast land in Vientiane that later became the capital's 'Chinatown' with foreign investment. Those were much smaller than initially planned after massive criticism throughout the nation.

As is tradition with stadia offered by China, this one was also designed and constructed entirely by Chinese companies.

Laos needed a new national stadium ahead of 2009 South-East Asian Games, with the old one being outdated. Contrary to its predecessor, the new venue lies some 16 kilometres from the city, making it rather remote. Nevertheless, many Vientiane-based clubs use the facilities. Apart from the stadium there are also indoor arenas, swimming pools and tennis courts both for events and training.



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