Safaricom Stadium (Main Stadium Kasarani)

Capacity60 000
Country Kenya
ClubsMathare United FC, Tusker FC
Inauguration 1987
Renovations 2010-2012
Cost $10 million (2010-2012)
Contractor Sheng-Li Engineering Construction Company


Safaricom Stadium – stadium description

Built in 1987 in north-eastern outskirts of Kasarani. Today there’s a highway there, some of the most important schools and around the very stadium hostels, gymnasium, swimming pools and numerous training venues. All this was built over the last few decades, mostly by the Chinese. As was the stadium itself, called Kasarani from the district it stands in.

When opened, it was among the most modern not only in Kenya, but worldwide, having a corporate tier of seating long before it became a standard. This level is located between to others, the upper of which consists of 24 massive sections combined to create a ring. These sections hold most of the declared 60,000 capacity.

Thanks to its size and location it was host to numerous large events, starting with All-African Games (1987), through World Social Forum (2007), to MTV Africa Music Awards (2009). Last of the events happened just before the renovation works launched in Jan 2010. The stadium was handed back to authorities by Chinese contractors (yes, again) in Sept 2012. Outside it hasn’t changed much with the decorative facades left untouched, but inside it received seats on two lower levels and had a thorough renovation of all offices, etc.

Football use is provided by Kenya national team, obviously, but also by two popular teams from Nairobi, Mathare United and Tusker FC.



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