Stadion Zhetysu

Capacity5 550
Country Kazakhstan
ClubsFK Zhetysu Taldykorgan
Other names Stadion Spartak
Inauguration 1982
Address ul. Lenina, Taldıqorğan, Kazakhstan


Stadion Zhetysu – stadium description

The 100,000-inhabitant city of Taldykorgan in south-eastern Kazakhstan has one football stadium, used day-to-day by local premier league side Zhetysu. Name of the club derives from how the region was called historically.

Stadium itself has two stands of which one has partial cover, two tiers and skyboxes. The other is a simple uncovered stand. All places are seated and maximum capacity stands at some 5,500 people. Not much, but enough with Zhetysu’s attendances of some 2-3,000 per game.



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