Astana Arena (Każymukan Stadion)

Capacity30 000
Country Kazakhstan
ClubsFC Astana
Inauguration 03.07.2009 (Lokomotiv Astana - Kazakhstan U19)
Design Tabanlioglu, Populous, Buro Happold
Cost 185 mln $
Contractor Sembol Construction Inc.Corp.
Other Retractable roof


Astana Arena – stadium description

Design competition for Kazakhstan’s main football stadium was done in 2007 with the project being awarded to renowned team of Turkish Tabanlıoğlu Architects practice. The idea of authorities was to create a venue capable of comfortably hosting events both in the extremely hot Summer and extremely cold Winter of Kazakhstan. Thus the enclosed structure which makes the stadium less dependent on weather conditions.

Steel trusses holding the roof are supported by four massive pylons in the corners of the venue. Apart from permanent elements there are also two mobile segments of the roof that may open or close above the pitch within 20 minutes.

Under the roof there are stands divided into two tiers. The lower one can hold 16,000 people on four sides, while upper takes another 14,000 on west and east sides.

First match was a friendly between newly created team Lokomotiv Astana and Kazakhstan’s U19 side. President Nazarbaev blew the first whistle himself with celebrity referee Pierluigi Colina and several famous players (Kaladze, Shevchenko, Sas, Sukur) also on the field. Just a few months later Kazakhstan played their first competitive game fighting for 2010 World Cup against Croatia. Since 2009 both the domestic cup and supercup finals have been held here.



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