Capacity2 983
983 (Seats)
Country Iceland
ClubsÍþróttabandalag Vestmannaeyja
Inauguration 1912
Renovations 1960, 2012-2013
Address Týsheimilinu, 900 Vestmannaeyjar


Hásteinsvöllur – stadium description

Westman Islands, an archipelago of 15 volcanic pieces of lands has only one human settlement, island and town of Heimaey. And on that island stands Hásteinsvöllur, single football stadium in this region, with seats for 1,500 people on two stands.

Southern one is built with reinforced concrete and has changing rooms underneath. Northern one, bigger, is based on sloped land. Both are uncovered, but works on this element are ongoing in the south of the ground.

Hásteinsvöllur is distinctive not for its infrastructure, but for the breathtaking landscape around it. For local residents this is also a reminder that land here may move fast with active volcano near, like it did in 1973, forcing all people to leave and destroying part of town.  



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