Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Coimbatore

Capacity30 000
Country India
Inauguration 1971
Renovations 2008


Nehru Stadium – stadium description

When constructed in 1971, it was to reach capacity of 45,000 people with 30,000 on the lower tier and further 15,000 on the second, mounted above. Unfortunately the plan was never carried out completely, leaving the venue with single-tiered spectator terraces.

Only reminder of the plans are concrete blocks sticking out from the terracing throughout perimeter of the ground. In three parts of the stadium – main stand and two curves – they were indeed used, but only to provide roof over of spectators.

No seats were ever installed despite Nehru Stadium having a significant renovation in 2008. It wasn’t aimed to improve spectator areas, though, but those for sportsmen. The ground is open for everyone and providing high quality training facilities was given priority over event infrastructure.



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