Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium, Kochi (Kaloor International Stadium)

Capacity41 000
Country India
ClubsChirag United Club Kerala
Floodlights 2000 lux
Inauguration 1996
Record attendance 100 000 (India - Iraq, 1997)


Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (Kochi) – stadium description

Also known as Kaloor International Stadium, this ground was built in 1996 and is among India’s largest and most modern venues. Its unique shape is the outcome of triple-tiered stands (only lowest tier has seating, though), sloping roof structure and massive floodlight masts going through the roof.

When it was designed, football was to be priority. And so it seemed to be. At the beginning, at least. In 1997 an international football tournament saw attendance record set during India’s clash with Iraq, when supposedly some 100,000 people were in attendance, massively exceeding capacity.

And then in 1998 football went aside. Cricket games of India were the most attended ones although club fixtures also happened. It wasn’t until 2011 that football came back for to the spotlight with Chirag United claiming tenancy of the venue. However the club, despite playing in India’s premier league, is nowhere close to filling the ground’s giant stands.

It’s very likely that cricket will soon disappear from this stadium for good as a new cricket venue is under construction not far away. Last fixture for India’s cricket team planned here is the 2013 England tie.



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