Nagyerdei Stadion

Capacity20 340
Country Hungary
ClubsDebreceni Vasutas Sport Club
Inauguration 01/05/2014
Opening game 10/05/2014 (DVSC - Újpest)
Construction 29/01/2013 - 04/2014
Cost HUF 12.5 billion
Design BORD Építész Stúdió
Address Nagyerdei park 12, 4032 Debrecen, Hungary


Nagyerdei Stadion – stadium description

The idea of a new stadium for successful DVSC football club had been raised from early 2000’s, but only came to fruition in 2011, when a public company to build the stadium was established. Official design was selected in 2012, while January 29 2013 saw the beginning of the old Nagyerdei Stadion’s demolition.

The scheme included retaining the historical stadium gate, along with set of sculptures from the original 1934 stadium. Also challenging for contractors, the stadium was set to keep the surrounding trees, even though some of them were directly in the construction site. But despite the challenges delivery date of spring 2014 was kept and the HUF 12.5 billion stadium was opened on May 1 2014 with a public event.

The stands accommodating just over 20,000 create a single tier enclosing the pitch from all sides, though their height differs, decreasing smoothly from west to the east. The tallest western grandstand provides press facilities and all of the corporate zones with 26 skyboxes.

North and south ends provide two separate fanatic sections, southern for home fans and northern for the away contingents. In both cases rail seating was used, allowing fans to stand throughout the game.

From the outside the stadium is wrapped with diagonal membrane strips. In western part the wrap has numerous orifices to enable sunlight access for offices and hospitality spaces behind the membrane.

Stands are accessible from an elevated esplanade around the stadium. Access to the esplanade in turn is provided by a set of impressively located ramps erected between the trees. Direct surroundings were created as a friendly park space with an amphitheater, gardens and bicycle tracks, among other.



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