Nuuk Stadion

Capacity2 000
Country Greenland
ClubsNuuk IL, Boldklubben af 1967
Renovations 2016
Address Inspektørbakken, Nuuk 3900, Grønland


Nuuk Stadion – stadium description

Formally they aren’t an internationally recognised country nor is their football federation a member of FIFA. But that doesn’t stop Greenland from having their national stadium in the capital of Nuuk. It’s placed in the town’s only sports complex and has an almost international-standard field of 100x70m. In 2016 the field received its first ever grass surface (synthetic).

The stadium is supported by an indoor hall to the north and small training field to the south. Along the sides, on rocky hillsides, around 2,000 spectators can be accommodated.

The town’s only field is used by numerous teams, including roughly half of the country’s football league, including the most honoured teams.



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