Cape Coast Stadium

Capacity15 000
Country Ghana
CityCape Coast
ClubsCape Coast Ebusua Dwarfs
Inauguration 03/05/2016 (Ghana U20 - China U19)
Construction 01/02/2013 - 01/2016
Cost $ 33.5 million
Design IPPR International Engineering Corporation
Contractor IPPR International Engineering Corporation


Cape Coast Stadium – stadium description

The Cape Coast Stadium is Ghana’s first sports project of this scale since the country hosted its last Cup of Nations in 2008. Just like the stadia built then, this one was too financed, designed and delivered by China. The Chinese government contributed roughly $30 million, while the Ghanaian counterparts submitted $3.35m.

Site clearing began in 2012, once the grant was secured. Actual construction started in Feb 2012 and was due to end in April of 2015. However, the stadium experienced delays and wasn’t structurally ready before Jan 2016, while official opening was postponed several time to as late as May 2016.

Built with the distinctive Chinese approach to aesthetics and use, the stadium combines both highest-standard athletic infrastructure and football facilities. Fans are seated in single-tiered stands of 12 rows throughout the field and 30 rows on west/east sides. Due to the 8-lane running track and additional facilities, sightlines for football are compromised.

The western grandstand offers impressive roof supported by a steel arch. It also holds floodlights along the west side, while the east side has two tall masts to provide lighting. The most distinctive part of the stadium, though, is its concrete promenade surrounding the stands.

This raised platform has the shape of a 10-arm star under which numerous facilities are placed, including indoor training halls and 21 hostel rooms for sportsmen. Additional amenities north of the stadium include outdoor basketball, volleyball and tennis courts.



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