Tórsvøllur National Football Stadium

Capacity6 040
Country Faroe Islands
Inauguration 2000
Renovations 2009-2017
Address Gundadalur Sports Village, 110 Tórshavn


Tórsvøllur – stadium description

Official capacity of the national stadium is set at around 6,000, but some estimate it closer to the 7,000 number. There’s not that much history behind it, as the ground was inaugurated in 2000, being the 2nd national stadium in Faroe Islands’ history.

It had a couple major revamps though, one featuring a new stand with multifunctional building and small seating section built behind one goal in 2009. The 2nd came in 2011, when first game with floodlights was played here, thanks to very uniquely-shaped masts. In 2014 another new stand was added at another end, replacing a temporary tubular structure.



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