Capacity5 000
Country Faroe Islands
ClubsBóltfelagið 1936 Tórshavn, Havnar Bóltfelag Tórshavn
Inauguration 1909
Renovations 2009
Address Gundadalur Sports Village, 110 Tórshavn

Description: Gundadalur

It’s not only the name of the stadium, but also of the whole complex which includes Gundadalur stadium, Tórsvøllur stadium, third pitch and several other buildings. The first pitch of this complex was created already in 1909, having changes throughout decades.

Today Gundadalur stadium has one impressive covered stand alongside the pitch and two a lot smaller on the opposite side. These are however the most important ones as both sections of seating are identical apart from… club colours. This is where Faroe Islands’ largest league derby kicks off between B36 and BH Tórshavn.



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