Lahden stadion

Capacity14 465
7,465 (Seats)
4,750 (North stand)
2,715 (South stand)
Country Finland
ClubsFC Lahti
Inauguration 1981
Renovations 1998, 2000, 2003, 2008, 2018
Record attendance 13,533 (Lahden Reipas - FC Kuusysi, 1988)
Address Salpausselänkatu 2, 15110 Lahti, Finland


Lahden stadion – stadium description

Lahti is one of the most important Finnish winter sport hubs. The local Salpausselä ski jump complex is among the world's most famous, dating back to 1922. Since 1981 the skiing facilities have an extension of sort, that is a multi-use stadium built along the same axis. Though these facilities are separate, lack of auditorium behind the stadium's east curve makes them seem visually connected, offering fans at the stadium a dramatic view of the towering ski jumps.

Built into a sunken bowl, the stadium offers three grandstands, of which two are equipped with individual seats, the north side since 2000 and the south since 2003. The eastern curve remains a terrace only, however this part is almost never used due to lack of demand during regular events. In fact, for most football games only the north side is used.

Because the stadium has an international-standard running track, under-soil heating and floodlights, it played host to numerous events, both sporting and entertainment. For example, it was the main venue for 1997 World Games, while the crowd from 1991 New Kids on the Block concert (of some 25,000) has long been Finland's largest such gathering. Regular use includes some league football games and amateur athletics, while every winter the stadium welcomes the Lahti Ski Games.



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