Cicero Stadium

Capacity20 000
Country Eritrea
ClubsRed Sea FC, Adulis FC, Hintsa FC, FC Edaga Hamus
Inauguration 1958
Renovations 2005


Cicero Stadium – stadium description

The ground was erected in 1958 as a future venue of the African Cup of Nations, which at that time was played between teams of North-Eastern Africa. Though due to format change Eritrea was never able to host it.

There are two stands located alongside the pitch and athletics track, but the whole stadium is surrounded by high wall. The stands have almost identical structure, but  differ in features – the main one has cover and centrally located VIP section with an impressive mural representing the nation of Eritrea. Interestingly, individual sections within the stands are very narrow, each having only 4 seats per row.

In 2005 FIFA financed pitch relaying and since then the ground has artificial turf. This is very helpful since there are 4 league teams using the stadium on regular basis, which only adds to hot weather that would lead to trouble with natural grass.