Stade Omnisports de Bafoussam

Capacity20 142
40 (Disabled seats)
Country Cameroon
Inauguration 30/04/2016
Construction 2014 - 04/2016
Cost XOF 9.1 billion
Design China Machinery Engineering Corporation
Contractor China Machinery Engineering Corporation


Stade Omnisports de Bafoussam – stadium description

Decision about building a new stadium in Bafoussam, western Cameroon, was made back in 2008. For a long time there was no detailed information about the project as three locations were taken into account and examined. The subject surfaced again when Cameroon in 2014 was awarded hosting rights for the 2019 Cup of Nations.

From 2008 it was clear that a Chinese contractor will carry out all works, from concept to furnishings. The selected partner was CMEC (China Machinery Engineering Corporation) and financing of the project came from a preferential loan from China, as well. The stadium itself was priced at XOF 9.1 billion (or $14 million).

Despite its name, the stadium wasn’t built within Bafoussam but 16 km east of the city, in an underdeveloped rural area. On the bright side, it’s a very picturesque location beside the Noun River. Works began in 2014 and were expected to last until November 2015 but in the end took significantly longer to finish. Finally, the opening event took place on April 30 and afterwards the stadium was transferred to the Cameroonian football federation. As of yet no team is using it on a regular basis.

Along preference of the sports ministry (though staying within low budget was also a factor), the stadium consists of four independent stands, each of different size. The west main stand has over 9,000 seats, eastern one 5,000+, western 3,000+ and the south end is just under 2,000.

But perhaps most shocking is the fact that just 250 km south-west there is an identical stadium, even in terms of seat colours. The only difference is the layout of access routes and parking sites.



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