Stadion Asim Ferhatovic-Hase (Olimpijski stadion Koševo)

Capacity35 630
35,500 (Seats)
130 (VIP seats)
80 (Press seats)
Country Bosnia-Herzegovina
ClubsFK Sarajevo
Floodlights 1700 lux
Inauguration 1947
Renovations 1950, 1966, 1984, 1998
Record attendance 60,000 (FK Sarajevo - Zeljeznicar, 1982)
Address Betanja Ulica, 71000 Sarajevo


Olimpijski stadion Koševo – stadium description

National stadium of Bosnia and Herzegovina was built in 1947, but waited for pitch and running track installment until 1950. First official game happened even later, in 1954. The sunken stands almost merged with surrounding hills back then, receiving floodlight masts and scoreboard in 1966.

Massive redevelopment came ahead of 1984 Winter Olympics (thus it’s often called Olympic Stadium), when the ground was expanded to some 50,000. Ironically, largest crowd to date was recorded before that, in 1982.

In 1998 conversion to all-seater mode brought capacity down to just over 35,000, but at the same time allowed for further use. Most important games in the country are played here with both the national team and top clubs (FK Sarajevo, Zeljeznicar) hosting their most prestigious games. Since 1990’s it’s also home to largest concerts.



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