Stade du Tivoli

Capacity12 500
Country Belgium
CityLa Louvière
ClubsUnion Royale La Louvière Centre, RAAL La Louvière
Inauguration 12/02/1972 (R. AA Louvièroise - Sporting de Charleroi)
Renovations 2003-2005
Record attendance 18,000 (R. AA Louvièroise - Sporting de Charleroi, 12/02/1972)
Address Boulevard du Tivoli 80, 7100 La Louvière, Hainaut, Belgique


Stade du Tivoli – stadium description

Opened in 1972 in the east of La Louvière, the stadium experienced its largest ever game on the night of its opening. A crowd of 18,000 people has never been seen here again, now being impossible due to capacity decreasing to 12,500.

It also wasn’t helpful that the historic host, RAA Louvièroise was disbanded in 2009 and a different side moved here, adapting RAA’s colours only in 2015.

The stadium has four independent stands around the 6-lane running track. Until 2003 only the western main grandstand was covered, but then a series of upgrades resulted in all spectators having a roof over their heads by 2005. Also, in the north and east most of the concrete terracing received a steel addition, raising viewers higher and thus improving their sightlines.



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