Estadio Libertadores de América (La Doble Visora)

Capacity48 069
Country Argentina
ClubsCA Independiente
Inauguration 28/10/2009 (Independiente - Colón, 3-2)
Construction 2007-2017
Cost $ 50 million (?)
Design Ezequiel Fernandez Dorado
Address Ricardo Enrique Bochini 751, Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Estadio Libertadores de América – stadium description

The old Estadio Libertadores de America was opened in 1928 as Argentina’s first to have reinforced concrete stands. Back then it wasn’t referred to as the Libertadores stadium, this name came only in 2005, long after Independiente had their record 7 Copa Libertadores titles. Earlier it was commonly referred to as La Doble Visera de Cemento, commemorating its two-part roof and the country’s first structure of its kind.

A true legend of Argentinean football, the stadium survived until early 21st century. Then, exactly 80 years after the idea of “Doble Visera” was born, a concept of new stadium was raised. Designed by Independiente supporter Ezequiel Dorado, the building was first considered too expensive, then scaled down and eventually approved for construction.

Demolition of the old home began in late 2007, leaving only the double-tiered east stand temporarily for use. First three grandstands were substantially ready for opening in 2009, prompting demolition of the fourth. Each of the double-tiered stands is divided by “Garganta del Diablo” (Devil's throat), large concrete pavilion placed in every corner. Every one of them offers 4 balconies for corporate clients and will become support for the roof when the stadium is fully delivered.

Construction had to be phased to continue stadium’s use, but also to retain its economic feasibility. Players Sergio Aguero and Oscar Ustari had to be sold in 2006-2007 (Independiente received some €35 million) to cover majority of the project, estimated at roughly $50 million. Final cost will only be known after the structure is finished though. Once all concrete works are complete in late 2016, roof installation will be able to begin.

The stadium is located just 200 meters south-west of Estadio Presidente Perón!