Stade de l'Unité Maghrébine

Capacity22 000
Country Algeria
ClubsMouloudia Olympique Béjaïa, Jeunesse Sportive Madinet Béjaia
Inauguration 1987
Renovations 2009
Address Rue Aissat Idir, 6000 Béjaia, Algeria


Stade de l'Unité Maghrébine – stadium description

The main stadium in Bejaia is located west of the city centre. It consists of a series of small independent grandstands encircling the field and running track. Only the western main grandstand is a more solid, partially covered structure.

Until 2009 the stadium had a natural turf, which was then replaced with artificial one along with new running track surface.

West of the stadium is a complex of swimming pools, while the east has a secondary athletic stadium.



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