Stade Omar Hamadi

Capacity12 000
Country Algeria
ClubsUnion Sportive Médina d'Alger
Other names Stade Communal de Saint Eugène (1935-1962), Stade de Bologhine (1962-1998)
Inauguration 1935
Renovations 1957, 1980, 2000-2002, 2011
Record attendance 25,000 (USM Alger - JS Kabylie, 01/2005)
Address 2 Avenue Ziar Abdelkader, Bologhine, Algeria


Stade Omar Hamadi – stadium description

Built in 1935, this stadium in northern Algiers is known for being beautifully located. On one side it borders the Mediterranean Sea and on the other the hills of Saint Eugène. It was built with two stands along the sides, later being subject to several redevelopments.

The north side, which has most space for any expansion, received a double-tiered stand which was later severely damaged in the earthquake of 1980 and had to be demolished. The new north stand was built in 2000-2002.

The south end is extremely tight due to crucial roads running along it and was only fitted with a small stand. Even the floodlight masts in the south couldn’t be erected symmetrically.

When the stadium was built, it belonged to the Saint Eugène commune. After Algeria gained independence in 1962, it was renamed Bologhine and so was the stadium. Ending the name transformation for now, in 1998 the building was also honoured with the name of Omar Hamadi, considered a great hero of the revolution.



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