Stade Mohamed-Benhaddad

Capacity10 000
Country Algeria
ClubsRaed Chabab Kouba
Inauguration 1945
Renovations 2005
Address Rue Abdelmoumen Mechik, Kouba 16050, Algeria


Stade Mohamed-Benhaddad – stadium description

It’s the biggest and best stadium in Kouba, eastern district of Algiers. The stadium was built in first half of the 20th century and was never completely renovated since. It did receive floodlights on four masts, but both stands retained their initial form.

In its heyday the capacity was estimated to be some 15,000-20,000 people, but now a lower number of 10,000 is considered safe to accommodate. The two concrete stands would most likely be identical or very similar if it wasn’t for lack of room on the south side. There a more narrow and higher stand was built, with two tiers instead of one.



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