Stade Abdelkrim Kerroum

Capacity20 000
Country Algeria
Inauguration 19/06/2022
Construction 2013–2022
Cost DZD 1.7 B ($ 11.6 M)
Design Mezoughi & Etosa


Stade Abdelkrim Kerroum – stadium description

How did the construction of the new football stadium in Sig originate?

In the 1990s, the construction of a new sports complex began in Sig, located about 50 km south-east of Oran. A new football stadium and an outdoor swimming pool were to be built on a rectangular plot of land situated in an agricultural area, a little west of the housing development. However, construction was halted, leaving the swimming pool and the remains of the stands of the would-be stadium unfinished.

In 2013, a new project was started. The swimming pool was to be completed and additionally roofed over, while a sports hall, running track, playing fields, car parks and, above all, a new stadium were to be built on the site. The design was prepared by local architects Mezoughi & Etosa.

The new stadium was to stand partly on the site of the old, unfinished facility, occupying its northern section. Unlike its predecessor, the pitch of the new arena was to be located on an east-west axis. Construction began with the demolition of the unfinished stands.

How did the construction of the new football stadium in Sig happen?

Work progressed very slowly at first, with practically nothing done except the demolition of the old stands. It was only after a visit by the wali (governor) of Mu'askar province in the summer of 2015 that the actual construction began. The facility reached a stage of near-completion at the end of 2018, but was not immediately operational.

Initially, the stands behind the gates were left mostly uncovered. In 2020, the missing sections of the roof were added, making the stadium auditorium fully roofed. In May and June 2022, floodlights were installed in the canopy and the facility was ready for the opening.

When was the new football stadium inaugurated in Sig?

The official inauguration of the new stadium took place on June 19, 2022. On the occasion of the opening, the facility was named after Abdelkrim Kerroum, an Algerian footballer who died in January 2022, one of the members of the National Liberation Front team that played matches until Algeria's independence in 1962.

What kind of events has Stade Abdelkrim Kerroum had the opportunity to host?

The stadium was one of the arenas of the 2022 football tournament being played in June and July as part of the 19th Mediterranean Games being held in Oran. The first match of the competition was played at the Stade Abdelkrim Kerroum just one week after the inauguration of the stadium, on June 26, with the hosts winning against the Spanish national team 1:0. In total, six group stage matches and two semi-finals were played at the stadium in Sig as part of this contest.

In August and September 2022, Stade Abdelkrim Kerroum, on the other hand, was one of the two venues (along with Stade Mohamed-Bensaïd in Mustaghani) to host matches of the 4th edition of the Arab Cup U`-17, with the stadium in Sig hosting, among other matches, the semi-finals and final of this competition. In the final, played on September 8, Algeria defeated Morocco after a series of penalty kicks, winning their first title at the event.

Although the stadium had the opportunity to host two international events shortly after its inauguration, it failed to secure a permanent host and local club CC Sig remained at its old venue, Stade Said Ahmed.

What are the characteristics of Stade Abdelkrim Kerroum?

The stadium has a pitch with natural turf, surrounded all around by stands. The facility has a consistent, enclosed form, although the main stand, located on the south side, is slightly separated from the rest. It also has a slightly different character to the rest of the stands, being equipped with back facilities and a narrower auditorium, the first row of which is high above pitch level.

The stadium's single-tier auditorium is fully covered and can accommodate 20,000 spectators. The stands behind the goals have a slightly arched shape, leaving some open space in front. Floodlights have been installed in the roof, and a video screen has been placed in one corner. On the outside, the venue is enclosed and topped with metal decorations. The facility is equipped with, among other things, four changing rooms, electronic entrance gates and a CCTV.

The stadium is the main part of an 11-hectare sports complex, which also includes a training pitch, a modest arena with an athletics track with a capacity of up to 1,000 spectators, a sports hall and an indoor swimming pool, both with stands for 500 people, as well as a smaller multi-purpose field and car parks. The stadium cost 1.7 billion Algerian dinars to build, a remarkably low amount for a facility of this type.



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