Wales: Guinness World Record holder and Hollywood expanding

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Wales: Guinness World Record holder and Hollywood expanding Since Wrexham FC were taken over by Hollywood stars in 2020, one of the oldest clubs in Great Britain is no longer just shining on the pitch, and is also looking to delight fans with an ambitious new plan to redevelop the oldest active football stadium in the world. Why are tickets about to run out and what do Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney want to do about it?


Is there a lack of space?

Wrexham AFC is Wales' oldest football club and one of the oldest in the world, matched with clubs such as Sheffield FC and Stoke City. The Red Dragons play at Racecourse Ground which is recognised in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest existing football stadium, opened in 1807. North Wales' largest venue, as the name suggests, was previously used for horse racing as well as cricket. The first football match was played here in 1872.

Thanks to its long history, the venue has hosted the largest number of Wales international matches, although in recent years it has given way to larger venues from Cardiff and Swansea. It is used on a day-to-day basis not only by the Welsh football club, but also by the Crusaders rugby team.

So far the stadium has only undergone facelifts and another has already been announced by the Hollywood owners for the summer break between seasons, which should see the Racecourse Ground's seating increase from 12,600 to 16,000. And it is desperately needed as, with the Welsh club rallying through the ranks of the competition and rising in popularity through the FX series Welcome to Wrexham, there could start to be a shortage of tickets next season. The last game against the League Two leaders was 99.6% full, with an average of no less than 95% of spectators attending each game.

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Ambitious plans

However, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are not stopping there. They plan to expand Racecourse Ground again to accommodate between 45,000 and 55,000 fans. If the plan comes to reality, the new arena could be able to accommodate every resident of this industrial town in north-east Wales.

McElhenney and Reynolds expressed frustration with UK building regulations. Obviously the safety considerations and all these regulations exist for a reason, but some things seem like obstacles for the sake of obstacles. It's much harder to build in the UK than anywhere else in the world - McElhenney said.

Getting into the Premier League is the ultimate goal - and staying in the Premier League to make it permanent. But only in a community-supported way because there are many ways to succeed. We believe there are only a few paths that are ethically viable- they both both added.

Wrexham AFC will play friendly matches before the season begins, including two that will take place on American soil. Games Games against Chelsea at Levi's Stadium and against Vancouver Whitecaps at BC Place could result in attandances result in attendances comparable to the renovated Racecourse Ground in the future.

Construction of Racecourse Ground© Mister Drone UK