Germany: Modernization of stadium for Euro 2024 in Stuttgart is complete

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Germany: Modernization of stadium for Euro 2024 in Stuttgart is complete After about two years since the official start of construction, the work has now concluded. The new main stand of the MHP Arena not only shines with new splendor from the outside, but much has also changed inside over the past 25 months. What exactly has changed?


All sectors now accessible

For the first time since the legendary season finale against 1. FC Köln in May 2022, when Stuttgart stayed in the league thanks to a goal in the 92nd minute, the main stand was completely occupied again during the recent home match against 1. FC Heidenheim. Following the opening of the external lower tier of the main stand at the start of the season, fans could now sit in the middle of the lower tier for the first time. With the completion of the main stand construction, the MHP Arena can once again accommodate 60,058 spectators, after its total capacity was reduced to 47,500 at the beginning of the renovation and gradually increased.

To increase the total area of the main stand and the new Mercedes-Benz Business Center, the building was expanded towards Mercedesstrasse. Demolition material – mainly from the old lower level – was transformed into recycled concrete and reused, emphasizing the sustainable nature of the new main stand building. As with previous renovations at the MHP Arena, asp Architekten GmbH from Stuttgart was responsible for planning the architecture and design.

MHPArena© Ralf Ottmüller

A series of innovations introduced

New spaces beneath the main stand have also been developed, significantly enhancing the versatility of the sports and events venue: in the future, an additional 8,000 square meters will be available on the new main stand, usable not only during VfB matches but also for trade shows, conferences, and other events. Up to eight such events can take place simultaneously. Besides match days, the main stand and its business center transform into one of the largest conference centers in the region.

Last year, construction of 31 new wheelchair spaces was completed at the Cannstatter Kurve. With the new spaces above blocks 46a/b and 47a/b in the MHP Arena, there are now a total of 200 wheelchair spaces available. Additionally, new energy-efficient arena lighting, including LED floodlights and multi-colored lighting on the membrane roof, was installed before the 2022/2023 season. Since then, a new, more energy-efficient sound system has also been in use.

However, it was only recently that large LED displays were installed at the stadium entrances, which were first used on Easter Sunday during the match against 1. FC Heidenheim. In the future, these displays will inform visitors about entrance changes or provide route guidance. Following the completion of the new main stand construction, which also includes dressing rooms and player areas, the Fritz-Walter-Weg stop will once again be accessible on match days, permanently and without restrictions.

MHPArena© Dreher Grounds

Attention to every detail

In addition to the external areas of the stand, the interior has been completely renovated. The distinctive illuminators on the Mercedesstrasse facade have been replaced with full glazing, and the multi-level Mercedes-Benz Business Center captivates with exceptional aesthetics. Materials associated with urban areas, such as red fibrous concrete and sheet metal, combine with refined wooden elements and large LED screens.

The names and furnishings of individual rooms also create a special sense of connection between fans, the club, the city, and the stadium: visitors to the business center, for example, will remember the first venue of the club's predecessor, FV 1983 Stuttgart, in Stöckachplatz. Additionally, Marktplatz and Schlossplatz showcase the club's most significant successes, and Legendenplatz allows a close encounter with the biggest names in VfB's history.

A particular highlight deep within the new main stand is certainly the Porsche Tunnel Club. Across 360 square meters, up to 200 guests can enjoy unique experiences. A 360-degree glass facade offers an exclusive and expansive view of the pitch before the match, during halftime, and after the final whistle - providing a closer experience.

Design of MHPArena© asp Architekten GmbH / VfB Stuttgart | Design of MHPArena

Opening after 25 months of work

The official opening of the MHP Arena will take place on April 13 during the home match against Eintracht Frankfurt. At the end of March, a symbolic handover of the facility key occurred between the club authorities and the general contractor, ARGE 1893. Initially, the project was estimated to cost only €65 million.

The Stuttgart municipal council approved this amount at the end of 2019. After several stages of work, this figure more than doubled due to delays and overall increases in construction material prices. The total cost ultimately amounts to €139.5 million, with €58.5 million to be covered by the city of Stuttgart, of which €36.5 million comes from Stadion KG.

Will it attract major events?

With the refurbished gem, the state capital and VfB aim to regularly host major sports events once again. An application has been made to host the Women's Champions League finals in 2026 and 2027. In the new season, most likely Stuttgart will return to European competitions after over a decade of absence. Perhaps even in the Champions League. The beautiful Stuttgart stadium is certainly ready to return to the highest class competitions and to the upcoming European Championships.

Design of MHPArena© asp Architekten GmbH / VfB Stuttgart | Design of MHPArena