Central Europe: New management of large national stadium

source: StadiumDB.com; author: Kuba Kowalski

Central Europe: New management of large national stadium The company PL.2012+, which manages National Stadium in Warsaw, has new authorities. This is a result of the transformations that are taking place in state-owned companies in Poland. What specific changes have been made?


Political changes

Monika Borzdyńska has been dismissed from the management board of the venue's operator, PL.2012+. She had been associated with PGE Narodowy for the last eight years. In February 2021, she was appointed to the management board of PL.2012+, which oversees the facility. She was responsible for marketing, promotion and communication of the stadium. Until her appointment to the company's board, she was also the stadium's press officer.

There is no formal reason for my dismissal as a member of the board, the message came via email. Political changes caught up with us (one signature) because PGE Narodowy is also managed by a state-owned corporation. I am humbled by what fate brings me and look to the future with confidence. I wish the new management all the best, Monika Borzdyńska wrote on social media.

PGE Narodowy is the largest stadium in Poland and the national team usually plays there. At each of these matches the stands of the venue are full. However, more and more people are also interested in online entertainment, so they visit x bet, which offers a variety of bet types, best odds and a wide range of events.

PGE Narodowy (Stadion Narodowy im. Kazimierza Górskiego)© Grzegorz Kaliciak / StadiumDB.com

New faces

At the same time, Włodzimierz Dola, regarded as a man of Poland's former prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki, lost his position as chairman. Dola had been at the head of the company since 2019. On March 6, 2024, a new PL.2012+ management board was appointed, consisting of Bartosz Kusior and Adam Soroko. Bartosz Kusior previously held the position of director of the Capital Sports Centre, while Adam Soroko was director of the Bydgoszcz Sports Centre.

PL.2012+ began operating in February 2008 as PL.2012 - a special purpose company of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism. Its task was to coordinate the public side's preparations for EURO 2012 in Poland. However, since January 1 2013, it has been the operator of PGE Narodowy.

The company is responsible for the management of the stadium and the property in accordance with the business plan prepared and updated annually, in order to maximise the potential of PGE Narodowy and ensure revenues in an amount adequate to cover the costs of its operation, including the sublease and rental of its individual parts for, inter alia, conference, entertainment, office rental and other purposes, as well as the maintenance of PGE Narodowy at the highest quality.

PGE Narodowy (Stadion Narodowy im. Kazimierza Górskiego)© Grzegorz Kaliciak / StadiumDB.com